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The Ones To Watch....

Autumn..... or Fall - whatever you like to call it means more than just leaves. It means NEW TV SHOWS! Or renewals of your favourites at least! So here at Hail The Villains we have been having a look at whats coming up!

GOTHAM - Ok Its already started back in The USA but for us here in the UK, we eagerly await its return! The Mad Hatter, Penguin, Riddler, Fish Mooney and of course those damn escaped Metahumans!

EMERALD CITY - Edgy Reimagining of Dorothy Gales visit to Oz where all is not as it appears.

THE FLASH - Central City and its fastest Hero speed into season 3 with the aftermath of what happens when you play with 'time'

ARROW - Oliver Queen once again dons the Green Hood as The Arrow in Season 5, picking up the pieces of a fragmented 'Team Arrow'

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS - Highly anticipated series based on the book series from Charlaine Harris - author of True Blood.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW - Epic Superhero action from the team of Heores & Metahumans from the same timeline and universe as Arrow & The Flash! Lots of promise in this for Season 2.

RIVERDALE - Highly anticipated series based on The Archie Comics characters, teen mystery drama and a twist of comedy. Just in time for the Archie Comics 75th Anniversary.

THE WALKING DEAD - Another comic book adaptation gone epic! Season 7 throws us into the unknown and offers a twist on the 'Walkers' and how many more Survivor communities can there be left?

Whatever we are watching, it's safe to say were going to all be kept busy! Comment below if you have any other shows to add!

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