Stranger Things......

Cult viewing is compulsive and addictive! When you've finished that all important finale of a season and mourned the loss of it from your sofa - what do you do!!? .... You find another! Recently the top of the list for most has been Stranger Things (Netflix). Its 8 - yes only 8 episodes have blown everyone away! Instantly securing it's place as a cult TV show. Already commissioned for another season and eagerly waited by all. But what is it about it that made us all love it so much? Yes, the Nostalgia! But wait, it's a new thing isn't it? It's not made in the 80's ..... But it perfectly captures the essence of 80's film and TV and the 'feel' of the 80's. The perfect formula for an 80's mo

Its All About The Villains!

So what is Hail The Villains? Every moment and thought of Villains, Heroes, Sci Fi, Horror, Fantasy, Anime, Cult Fiction, Animation, Comic Books is Hail The Villains! What are we passionate about? Who makes us shout at the TV and sit aghast at Why!!!! Why... did that episode have to end in that way!! I must see the next episode now! Thats what makes us a fan of the Villain.... Without Villains ... There Are No Heroes

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